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    Step 1
    a)  10-year experienced sales team provides consultation service for every client no matter you are an individual user or commercial user.
    b)  Basically, for every client, at least, we provide 2-3 solutions at one time, based on the client’s demand, budget and place.
    Step 2
    a)  Our designers are professional, highly effective, and creative, most of them are 10-year experienced.
    b)  We have plenty of design themes. With standard and replaceable modules, we can provide the same function with many different themes at one time, which can fit clients’ demand.
    c)  We combine function and aesthetics perfectly to make unique artistic designs come true.
    d)  All products are designed in professional structure to make sure the structure is strong, steady, and durable.
    Step 3

    a)  We use high-quality materials from leading suppliers around the world, assuring our products are durable and long-lived.
    b)  Equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, we can process high-precision and high-difficulty parts to make the design come to reality.
    c)  All of the workers are skilled and got strict professional training before working for the factory. They complete each part with a high standard.
    d)  With the state of art processing technology, workers elaborate every part, assuring the final structure is perfect.
    e)  Professional QC team applies high standard in-process control and finished production inspection to make sure the final products are qualified and perfect.

    Step 4

    a)  We provide maintenance broches to clients for daily maintenance
    b)  As well as 24 hours online service for maintenance guiding.

Experienced R&D team / One-stop purchasing / Fast Delivery / Quick Response / 24 Hours Online Service



Address:No. 31, Lyumenkou, Qiaoxia Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: 0086-577-66962060
Email: vincent@wb-toys.com
Whether you’re a one-time buyer or looking to buy in bulk, you can count on us to provide great products and excellent service, every step of the way.
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