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August 26, 2023

Investors are very concerned about the large-scale outdoor amusement equipment. There is even a saying that when investing in the construction of an outdoor playground park, about 40% of the money is used to purchase entertainment equipment and package the park for the theme. This ratio may also be

August 23, 2023

There is a popular project in the amusement park called the ball pit balls pool, the pool is full of pit balls, colorful especially for the younger children to play with, but the children's resistance to disease is weak, the project manager needs to organize the staff to clean the pit ball after the

August 19, 2023

With the full opening of the "two-child policy", the level of preschool education has improved, and the number of children in kindergartens has increased. However, the market for kindergarten furniture products is not perfect. During the implementation process of kindergartens, it is generally diffi

August 15, 2023

Large-scale playground equipment is divided into indoor and outdoor projects according to different use of the venue space. Because outdoor playground equipment needs to withstand the baptism of the outdoor environment for a long time, to ensure the safety of its normal operation and the normal use

August 10, 2023

Now many parks, productions, and communities can see all kinds of outdoor playgrounds. This kind of children's outdoor playground is also called unpowered amusement equipment. It is a kind of equipment that can be played without any power equipment. It can meet the characteristics of children runnin

August 27, 2021

Xiaomuwan Amusement Equipment Co., LTd (which also known as Wanba toys ) is a ONE-STOP supplier of playgrounds and related play items, including indoor playgrounds, outdoor playgrounds, spring riders, Trampoline parks, Kindergarten supplies, Fitness equipment, and Plastic play items.At Wanba Toys

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